About us

A highly specialized tech company from Slovakia with a history since 1993. We provide comprehensive technological solutions for reliable and safe use of railways.
Our products protect life, reduce costs, and save time. We are a trusted partner for European rail transport leaders. We constantly innovate our products and take the safety of locomotives to a new level. Almost every locomotive in Slovakia has our equipment installed, allowing it to drive safely. We are the leader of train safety in the countries of Central Europe.
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What we do

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of MIREL products for the area of safe passage on railway corridors, especially in the countries of Central Europe. We develop tailor-made solutions for our clients, consult, and cooperate to secure locomotives or authorize them for service.
We also provide technical support and maintenance for our equipment. In addition, our team of developers provides product innovation and performance enhancement. We are also involved in international integration projects for the European market of new-generation locomotives.

Our ambition

We aim to bring innovative solutions that increase the safety of locomotive operation. With increasing demands on speed and comfort of rail transport, demands on safety solutions and standards increase as well.
In HMH, we produce reliable products with the best characteristics that will not let our clients down. We are creating safe rail transport, so delivering quality and reliability is our top priority.
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Member of AVOKOV

Three words that characterize us

Creating new things that take us forward
Own development and top-of-the-range production
Building long-term relationships

Documentation of Integrated management system (IMS)

IMS Policy and list of certificates and competency to sell products and provide services in railway industry.

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